Social programme

Although we very much regret that we cannot offer the full Padova experience, we have aimed at offering you several cultural activities which we hope you will find exciting. The links to each activity are available hereafter. We are happy to provide you with a list of selected videos already available on YouTube that includes classical music played in the University of Padova and in historical places of Padova.

Classical music - at Unipd:

Orchestra Asclepio - Teatro Anatomico - Palladio - Karl Jenkins

Orchestra Asclepio - Orto Botanico Padova - Holberg Suite Op.40, Preludio - E.Grieg

The Hortus Simplicium of Padova

The Biodiversity Garden - Botanical Garden of Padova

Sfero. Un progetto di videodanza per l'Orto botanico

Classical music - Urbs Picta - (Giotto, the Scrovegni Chapel and the 14th century painting

cycles - UNESCO World Heritage Centre):

Preview di "Musica nei luoghi di Padova Urbs Picta" (in sostegno alla candidatura UNESCO)

Urbs picta  - Cappella degli Scrovegni  - Zephyros - Moon

Urbs picta - Oratorio di San Giorgio - Giacomo Susani - Blue Madeleine

Urbs picta - Palazzo della Ragione - Calicanto - Venexia Mia

Urbs picta - Oratorio di San Michele - Arrigo Axia - J  S  Bach, Prelude BWV 1007

Urbs picta - Chiesa degli Eremitani - Renata Benvegnù - F. Chopin, Studio op. 10 n°12

Urbs picta - Cappella di S.Giacomo, Basilica del Santo - Chrystelle Catalano - Bach BWV 1001 Presto

Castello Carrarese - Francesco Ganassin - Duality

On Thursday 16th September we offer a virtual taste of Caffè pedrocchi ( They will show us how to prepare Mint Coffee and then we will provide a video of the preparation of the Spritz and local Cocktails (EALE - day 1 - YouTube).

On Friday evening 17th September at 9pm, you can enjoy a live concert at the Church of San Gaetano organized by the international piano festival "Bartolomeo Cristofori" – "Fight for Change – La natura del jazz" of Mirabassi/Zanisi.
The Piano Festival is a tribute to the innovative genius of Bartolomeo Cristofori, born in Padua on 4 May 1655, who was able to masterfully combine art and technology and "render on the instruments the talk of the heart, now with a delicate touch of an angel, now with a violent irruption of passions''. Cembalaro, organ builder and luthier, was one of the most famous harpsichord makers of his time. He is considered the inventor of the first piano models. Don’t miss it!

Live Jazz Concert: "Fight for Change – La natura del jazz" of Mirabassi/Zanisi 

On Saturday afternoon 18th September, we close the conference while enjoying a virtual tour of the University of Padova, a presentation of Padova Urbs Picta, frescoes recently added to the UNESCO Heritage List and a short documentary on Padova historical places.

EALE - day 3 - YouTube (not available before 18-09-2021).