In 2021 EALE launched the EALE Tour for job market candidates. For the EALE Tour, three promising young scholars are selected for a tour along three receiving institutions (universities/research centers).

The EALE Tour profits the Tour candidates and the receiving institutions:

  • EALE Tour candidates can promote their research, gain feedback and extend their network.
  • PhD’s and senior staff at receiving institutions profit from the interaction with promising young scholars.


I am happy to hear you received good feedbacks. On our side, it was definitely a success and we very much enjoyed this experience! Thanks again for launching this initiative, we hope you're going to keep it in place for the next years.

Quote from a EALE Tour candidate


The EALE Tour takes place after the job market, but the candidates are selected before by a committee, based on their paper and participation at the EALE conference. This allows the candidates to use their selection as a signal.

The eligibility criteria are as follows:

  • Currently at a European institution,
  • Either a PhD student (or early-stage postdoc),
  • Intends to go on the European or American junior job market in the fall of 2024,
  • Participates to the 2024 EALE Conference, presents in a job market session and attends the meet and greet breakfast,
  • Indicates having interest in being selected for the tour.


If you are interested in hosting the EALE tour 2025, please contact the EALE Office